Season 2

Epi. 1Housing as a Human Right, featuring Dominique Walker, Moms4Housing and Tara Raghuveer, People's Action and KC Tenants

Epi. 2: Freedom U: Higher Ed for True Liberation, featuring Laura Emiko Soltis, Executive Director, and Rafael Aragón, Freedom University alumnus

Epi. 3: Visionary Fiction, featuring Walidah Imarisha, author, poet and co-editor Octavia's Brood

Epi. 4: Reimagining Gender, featuring Tiq Milan, activist and author

Epi. 5: Water as a Human Right, featuring Radhika Fox, US Water Alliance & Susana De Anda, Community Water Center

Epi. 6: Hawaii's Feminist Recovery Plan, featuring Khara Jabola-Carolus and Tanya Smith-Johnson

Epi. 7: From Patients to Patents: A Focus on Health Equity, featuring Dr. Foluso Fakorede and Priti Krishtel

Season 1

Epi. 1, Available Now: Open Borders ft Roberto Corona of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a group of activists that escorted the migrant caravan from Central America; and Farhad Manjoo, New York Times columnist

Epi. 2, Available Now: Police Abolition ft Jessica Disu aka FM Supreme, Chicago activist; and Rachel Herzing, Co-Director of the Center for Political Education

Epi. 3, Available Now: Universal Basic Income ft Mayor Michael Tubbs of Stockton, CA

Epi. 4, Available Now: Reparations ft Melisande Short-Colomb, descendant of the enslaved people who were sold by the Jesuit owners of Georgetown; and Prof Ana Lucia Araujo, historian and author

Epi. 5, Available Now: Climate Migrants ft Colette Pichon Battle, Founder and Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Center for Law Policy;  and Chief August Creppel of the United Houma Nation

Epi. 6, Available Now: Federal Job Guarantee ft Darrick Hamilton, Executive Director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

Epi. 7, Available Now: Advancing Peace. Spotlight on Advance Peace, an organization taking an unconventional approach to breaking the cycle of gun violence, ft DeVone Boggan, Executive Director; and James Houston, Lead Neighborhood Change Agent/Senior Advisor