Reflect & Respond

And as part of our new partnership with Unfinished, an enterprise driving change to strengthen our civic life in the digital age, we're posing a question at the end of each episode (see below).  We hope to engage with you, our listeners, as we collectively imagine new possibilities for achieving equitable economies, healthy communities of opportunity, and just societies.

Submissions are limited to 250 characters or less, may be posted to this website, shared on our social media w/ hashtag #RadicalImagination and #Unfinished, and edited for clarity.

If justice meant care instead of incarceration, what kinds of futures might be possible for our nation's youth?
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What would it look like if knowledge was shared equitably across the globe?
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What is essential about you that you would hope algorithms could reflect?
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How do you transform yourself to transform the world?
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How would our society be different if we truly valued care?
Listen to Episode 3: Putting People First: Reimagining Our Economy
What does an economy that puts people first look like?
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How can reframing history impact the future?
Listen to Episode 1: Reframing History: The Tulsa Race Massacre